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We believe that building an online brand, website, web shop needs to be done the same way as the successful website’s are doing it.

We at Do All Web started to guide online brands from 2017 and I will tell you now a little of our experiences:
There is no website online that is a finished product, every website small or big needs constantly updates.There is NO quick trick of building quickly an online website and the leads comes in automatically.First we will give you a list of some key marketing tools, email list, google ads, google shopping, social media, influencers, SEO & backlinks … Then when you start to plan building your website or marketing plan it’s all very clear,  but when in reality right then the story starts to get more difficult, even if you have the best product or service in your niche you will never get any leads if you don’t do any marketing or SEO.

Most start ups will go from one engineer to the next, and from one marketing company to another, till you reach the right marketing tool/method that works for you are already formieler in the marketing field and you know what’s the best tool for you to invest your time and money. 

Before you sign contract with any marketing company one point you should take into consideration is: that he will explain to you why his method is the best.

Let me tell you, there are out there alot of great marketing companies but every one wants to sell the service that they excel, but from our experience every marketing tool is great but you need to know what’s first and what is best for your market, So if you start correctly it may take some time but by the end you will see better results.

All marketing tools that I mentioned above, are all tools that’s very easy to use and to learn it. For example Mailchimp: the best content you will get is from inhouse personnel, or a tool from Google like Adwords, Shopping or Analytics, Google does changes on a daily basis it should get more and more user friendly with NO need of any prior knowledge.

Therefore our advise to you is to do as much possible in house even with a beginner in the field of marketing, but you will have control on what’s done and getting the best reports possible.

Where do we come in? We will couch you through the process.

 Our phenomenal idea is to reach the maximum of your investments in the marketing field. Therefore we advise you to set up a marketing strategy that reaches a goal of NON paid marketing strategy! This is how we couch our clients. If you will not have a goal how to reach out to your website visits /clients for free you will keep on paying for all the martking strategies and believe me, that the price of marketing will be much higher then your webshop/website profit, and all the other websites out there.
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